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Preventative Program Maintenance

Rayles Rewinds Ltd offers a complete preventive maintenance service.

Rayles Rewinds Ltd will completely overhaul your machinery based around your production.


PPM Service includes:

  • Comprehensive repair service of all. ​

  • Report Programme unique to the service required which can be adapted at any time.

  • Onsite service to electrical elements of the machine.

  • Onsite service to mechanical elements of the machine.

Benefits of this service include:

  • Prevents failure of parts.

  • Provides machine longevity.

  • Can be planned around production (this can significantly reduce the chance of machine downtime).

  • Cost effective – Work carried out will reduce repair costs.

  • Reduces rate of repeat failures as reasons for failure of parts can be identified and actioned against to reduce any repeat failures.

  • Reduces spend on new machinery – consistent maintenance will lengthen the life of machines.

  • Obsolete parts can be identified and protected to reduce failure – failure of these parts could condemn a machine.

  • Ensures production quality – parts on the machine are known to be functioning properly resulting in accurate outputs from the machine.

    We're also proud to say that we offer our services to the area of Merthyr Tydfill and its surrounding regions. Contact us today to book one of our services.

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