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Small metal gears

What we offer:

Providing our services to Merthyr Tydfil and to surrounding regions.

Trades that use our services

Since Rayles Rewinds was established, we have built up a substantial track record of high quality rewind and repair work - just a fraction of which is outlined here:

  • Local authorities - schools, leisure centres, local community products

  • NHS trusts

  • Water authorities

  • Meat processing manufacturers

  • Chocolate & wafer manufacturers

  • Pharmaceutical companies

  • Metal press manufacturing

  • Household appliance manufacturing

  • Quarries

  • Bakeries

  • Food manufacturers

  • Medical supply manufacturers

  • Local automotive garages & builders

  • Refrigeration & air conditioning companies

  • Manufacturers of plastic, balance weights, cans, high grade pipes, windows, glass, shelving for retail outlets, telecom cables etc. 

  • Recycling Plants

  • Specialised Innovative Rubber products manufacturers

  • Environmental Products manufacturer

  • Coal Mining Companies

  • Specialised innovative foam manufacturer

  • Paper & Packaging manufacturer

  • Crane Specialists

  • Countrywide Specialist automotive garage services

  • Printing Companies

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